Saturday, August 18, 2007


It has been sometime I have not update my blog, due to recently I am rather busy with my house renovation works. Now everything has been almost complete.

It is time to give my friends a short update of my blog.

This time I will be talking about our gov.

I will be talking about the recent years our gov is giving more and more rights to the bumiputra.

First of all , I would like to say sorry to those bumiputra friends. If you are in my shoe you will understand this policy is unfair to non-bumiputra. The bumiputra policy does not really help the bumiputra, it only help a small group of richer bumiputra to get richer.

The article is highlighting about the gov project <30M must give to bumiputra contractor, in my opinion such policy is very stone age and very unfair to those non-bumiputra. As the world is going for more open freetrade.(AFTA), our gov is going backward and introducing more racial policy; which is a reverse gear to the the country development.

For all my friends who are non-Bumi, if you have money or skills, move out from this country. The UK/Ireland like SE Asian, they are getting every one of the professional people from here. Two of my friends have migrate to UK/Ireland. This country is getting worst and hopeless.

For those who read Chinese u can check it here,

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Added Forex Quotes to my blog

Hi guys,

I have added a Real time Forex Quote to my blog. Cool huh? :D

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Internet Outage!

It has been days, I still cannot do my oversea online activities and hardly able to logon to msn due to the internetional line down.

Overall it is a big loss for me. Internet service distruption cost a lot of people money! Thank you for Tmnut who over sell their service. All other ISP have their internet line restored and re-routing to other international cables. But our Tmnut do not have any backup lines. In fact I'm using proxy to gain access to international link and it run perfectly. If an individual can do it, why cant Tmnut?

Even now they are still promoting their service while on the same time their throttled our p2p service to the very minimum 5kb/s.It took me 14 days 24/7 to download 24GBs of files but the actual days required to download 24GBs on a 512kbps line is less than 7 days. We are paying more than 60 bucks for a 512kbps line but we are not getting what we paid for.

All we get is the typical term "Best Efforts" under the term & condition signed upon subcribing their service.

With all these problematic companies, and racist comments made from the U|\/|N0 politicians, race discrimination from the gov itself, unfair treatment to non-bumis.

Overall I'm very very disappointed with Malaysia. My heart is not with Malaysia anymore.
Let me tell you, I have not celebrate the national day for over 10years. It is just a typical free holiday for me.

Blame all the brain drain you want, Professional Malaysians at overseas are not moving back.Who knows I might join them once I get myself qualified. :P

Friday, October 13, 2006

From 90Km/h to 80Km/h?

I think everybody know the reduction of the speed limit in KL highways especially federal highway during Raya festival.

From my point of view, reducing this speed limit doesnt really reduce the accident rate. Accident do not happen because you drive fast. It is the driver's skills and attitude that cause the accident.

I might not be the best driver, but I'm damn sure there are a lot of people out there are more careless/worst than me.

I mean 90Km/h is already very slow. I usually drive faster than 90 when using federal highway. And now is reduced to 80Km/h,Oh come on, 80Km/h it is like cruising on the highway. For your information some part of the Karak highway have only 60Km/h speed limit which is too slow for a highway. Somehow I wonder how to set the speed limit? All of them doesnt really make sense at all.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Finally my HWM mag has arrived!

After waiting for more than half-month, My HWM magazine have arrived.

It is a very interesting mag, now I'm waiting for the next month one.